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Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday: 7am - 5pm PST
Friday: 7am - 12pm PST
Everyday Lab Hours: (Cardiac Transmissions) - 24/7


1. How do I hook up a patient for a holter?

  1. Shave electrode site if needed. (Razor Supplied)
  2. Clean the skin at each electrode site with an alcohol pad.
  3. Place electrodes on chest like shown on diagram below.
  4. Snap wires to electrodes following color scheme.
  5. Remove cover on the back of the recorder.
  6. Label flash card with patient's name, start time and date.
  7. Insert flash card all the way into the slot.
  8. Insert a new battery; you should hear some beeps.
  9. Once battery is placed in, recording has started.
  10. Close Cover, and position recorder on patient.
  11. Instruct the patient to complete the activity log\diary.

2. Where do I place the electrodes on the patient?


3. How does your company get paid for your service?

  • We receive payment through the patient's insurance company.
  • Holter Labs handles all of the direct billing.
  • No further inquiries are required by the medical practice.

4. What is a digital holter monitor?

A Digital Holter Monitor is the size of a small portable cassette recorder. It goes into a carrying pouch with a shoulder strap and a belt strap. The monitor records your heartbeats on a CompactFlash Card, which your doctor will read when you return it to him/her. Your physician will be able to look at each individual heartbeat.

5. Why is it necessary for me to use a Holter Monitor?

Without the monitor, your doctor has to rely on how your heart beats while in his/her office. If you have experienced dizziness, palpitations, or skipped heartbeats away from the office as you went about your daily routine, your physician may recommend the monitor to you.

6. What can I expect when they put the monitor on me?

Wearing a Holter Monitor is not painful at all. Lightweight EKG patches and wires will be attached to your chest and applied with tape by the technicians in your doctor's office. The monitor will rest in a carrying pouch, which you will attach to your belt or a shoulder strap and wear for 24 hours.

7. Can I do my regular activities while wearing the monitor?

Most normal physical activities are allowed while wearing the Holter Monitor. You can exercise, work, drive and sleep. Please be aware that there are a few precautions, however:

  • Try to sleep on your back
  • Do not take a bath or shower
  • Sponge bath is okay
  • If an electrode falls off or the unit makes noise, call your doctor's office.

8. Is there anything I need to avoid while wearing the Monitor?

Stay away from electric blankets, magnets, metal detectors, and high-voltage areas such as power lines. These may affect the recording.

9. What is a Holter Monitor Diary?

Your Holter comes with a digital diary. If you'd also like to keep a manual record, a paper diary is provided. Carry the diary with you and record events the entire time you wear the monitor. The diary is important to the technical staff processing your report and to the physician who will interpret your story.